• Passion

    Step into a plane, a train, board a bus or a cruise ship, drive 100 miles from home, pay for lodging; and you have contributed to the tourism economy.

    Go deeper ... dine in a local restaurant when you travel, purchase something from a small market or shop, buy a handicraft, pay a local guide, attend a cultural show -- you have contributed to a livelihood.


    Our responsibility as an industry

    For a couple of decades Dawn Drew has been an active, vocal participant in the travel industry.

    • Equalize -- connect the "haves" of the world to the "have-nots"
    • Build - create jobs that grow into careers
    • Transform - translate the buzzwords into commerce. Authentic, transformative experiences should build and sustain the economies of the communities that provide them.
    • Guide -- help consumers make truly considered decisions, because they impact real lives once they depart. 
    Examples of MOSTE, Inc. Industry Engagement and Advisory
    • NYC + Co. -- Thinking Out Loud  Marketing Think Tank 
    • Ministry of Tourism, Gov't of India -- Incredible India UX evaluation
    • USTOA -- Out of Country Board Meeting location development
    • TTRA -- India Impact (in-bound travel impact and outlook session)
    • US Dept. of Commerce -- Travel and Tourism Advisory Committee
    • NYU Distinguished Lecturer - The Ricelle "Bunny" Grossinger's Lecture Series in Tourism Management
    • Americas Competitiveness Forum
    • Click here for complete list of engagements and advisory activity on CV